Umpqua hot springs, oregon

She said she’d let me take her photo if I bought some peanuts from her. Afterward, I asked if she could remember the saddest moment of her life. She laughed, and said: “You’re going to need to buy some more peanuts.”(Kasangulu, Democratic Republic of Congo)


Reasons abortion should be fully covered on all insurance plans:

  • If you can’t afford an abortion, you definitely can’t afford a pregnancy
  • If you can’t afford an abortion, and are forced to carry a pregnancy to term anyway, you sure as hell can’t afford a child

Who the fuck do you think you’re really protecting here?



She was bullied as a child because of her vitiligo; now she’s a model

So spectacularly beautiful.

One time in class, I got fed up

  • This was one of my favorite teachers ever, he didn't believe in homework and was just the coolest dude ever
  • Teacher: I won't be here tomorrow so I left worksheets for the teacher to give you.
  • Kid: why can't we watch a movie?
  • Teacher: because the school board doesn't like us to show you movies that don't have anything to do with the curriculum. They say that movies are for home and we need to keep your home life separate from your school life.
  • Me: then why do they give us homework?
  • Whole class: .....
  • Teacher: .....
  • President: .....
  • Miley Cyrus: ....
  • Me: ....
  • Teacher: Samantha, please. Whatever you do. Bring this up with the principal because that's the best argument I have ever heard.
  • misty-tears:


Moment of bravery at the vet






    when boys have sleepovers do they sleep in the same bed like girls do or do the rules of no homo include sharing beds

    girls always share beds. and covers and clothes and food and personal space. sometimes even bathrooms

    Girls share everything.

    #girls dont believe in no homo #all da homo #dont give a fuck.

    "Well, I feel like we’re fed all of this B.S. We watch too much TV, and a lot of the current pop music just keeps us numb, floating along, blinded, not really conscious. To me that’s very frightening because it means a vast majority of people are indifferent. My dream would be that at the peak of my career there would be a riot, anarchy, have people take back their power and wake up. The world is a scary place and it’s just getting worse because we don’t care. We’re too busy checking Instagram every five seconds. People have no idea what’s going on in Russia but they know what Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Gala. My dad told me that I have a message — why not just become a preacher or a rabbi? I can’t help it. Music is a universal language that draws people together. There’s a quote from Aristotle: “If one listens to the wrong kind of music, he will become the wrong kind of person,” and I truly believe that."
    Brooke Candy (x)
    "Best conversations always happen late in the night."
    Unknown (via perfect)
    "The city was always my garden, the people there like flowers, the traffic like a river, the lights of the buildings shining as if they were a hundred white tears."
    Alice Hoffman, Green Heart  (via perfect)